High temperature resistant PP plate, the product is designed for my company in zhejiang and the stupa enterprise "wang ji" cool tea beverages, canned beverages on production equipment for high temperature disinfection system developed by the latest p

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%4)JLPANQIXO6]H8(_[0{M5High temperature resistant PP plate, the product is designed for my company in zhejiang and the stupa enterprise "wang ji" cool tea beverages, canned beverages on production equipment for high temperature disinfection system developed by the latest products.
This product has the features: high temperature steam, high impact resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, light quality, not bibulous, low thermal mass, electric resistance, easy processing and high hardness.

H9ULGHM~K`@D{Z7~MP`W)ZFProduct name: PP board is a kind of semi crystalline material.
It is more hard than PE and has a higher melting point.
Due to the PP homopolymer type temperature above 0 ℃ above is very fragile, so many business of PP material is 1 ~ 4% or higher ratio of ethylene content in random copolymer of ethylene copolymer of pliers.
Copolymer of PP materials with low heat distortion temperature (100 ℃), low transparency and gloss, low rigidity, but there are have stronger impact strength.
The strength of the PP increased with the increase of ethylene content increased.
PP vicat softening temperature is 150 ℃.
Due to the high crystallinity, the surface of the material stiffness and resistance to scratch characteristics very well.
PP environmental stress cracking problems.
Usually, by using glass fiber, metal additives or thermoplastic rubber method for modification of PP.
Turnover of PP MFR range between 1 to 40.
Low MFR PP material impact resistant properties is good but low tensile strength.
For MFR of the same material, the strength of the copolymer type than homopolymer type.
Because the crystallization, PP shrinkage rate is quite high, average of 1.8 ~ 2.5%.
And the direction of the shrinkage rate uniformity is much better than materials such as PE - HD.
Guangzhou grace \'family plastic products (group) co., LTD can provide full specifications of PP sheet and PP rod, also can provide all kinds of PP for customization service of precision machining parts.

%3Q%F]IM2M20%J5_IBRM3Q6X[CFL_L9SQYWGE`QK)S[6}8German imports PP board

Density is small, easy to welding and processing, with excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance, non-toxic, tasteless is one of the most accord with the requirements of environmental protection engineering plastic.
The main color is white, the microcomputer color, other colors also can be customized according to customer requirements.
Application: apply to acid and alkali resistance.

Glass fiber enhanced PP board

Glass fiber reinforced PP board (FRPP) : glass fiber enhanced by 20%, in addition to keep the original excellent properties, strength and rigidity than PP double, and it has good heat resistance, low temperature impact, anti-corrosion electric arc resistance, low shrinkage rate.
Particularly applicable to chemical fiber, alkali, oil, dye, food, light industry, metallurgy, sewage treatment and other fields.

Three characteristics of purpose

PP sheet extrusion with light smooth, uniform thickness, smooth surface, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability and electrical insulation, non-toxic characteristics.
PP board is widely used in chemical containers, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, food packaging, packaging and water treatment and other fields.

Scope of application:

1. Made of PP board and PP rod is all kinds of spare parts has been plastic products group co., LTD. Guangzhou grace \'family successful application in: acid and alkali resistant equipment, electroplating equipment, photovoltaic equipment, environmental equipment, waste water, waste gas emissions equipment, washing tower, clean room, semiconductor factory and related industrial equipment, is also the first choice for manufacturing plastic water tank material, including PP thick plate is widely used in drawing, punching plate, etc.

2. The plate used in industry, including wire and cable packaging protection, overlying glass, steel, all kinds of goods packaging protection, plate, shelf, baffle plate, base plate, etc.;

3. Protection of electronics industry, PP produced by various parts have also been plastic products group co., LTD. Guangzhou grace \'family successfully applied to the electrical conductivity of packaging products mainly used in IC wafer, IC packaging, testing, TFT - LCD, photoelectric electronic components such as packaging, the objective is to avoid other items charged with contact, parts for spark charge friction damage.
In addition to the conductive, antistatic plastic board, turnover box, etc.


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