Staff presence

Staff presence

Ten years dedicated to custom engineering plastics parts manufacturers

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Engineering Plastics Enterprise whole staff here welcome friends from all the world 

engineering staff

Engineering working environment

Clear office is the first image for every customers visiting company, orderly desk and chair,along with capacious  decorating

office,make company solemn;colorful painted flags around the head,number of flag hanged on the wall,along with cups ,cer

tificates on the closet,makes company alike home living Engineering partners.


Working ability training

President Xu,emphasis more on worker’ working ability improvement,every month,all Engineering partners head for out-side

training with smile on face.Oral English competition,Speech competition and so on,are held every month fixed time.


Out side activity

To free partners from hard work sometimes,Engineering workers regularly hike together on local famous mountains and park,

Partners hand on hand,like a family member,which strength unity of the team.


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