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injection molding service

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injection molding

We offer the fastest, most cost-effective, short run injection molding services available in the world.

From start to finish we can ship most projects in 20 days or less.


custom plastic molding

Our unique system, proprietary technology platform and a team of expert engineers and mold makers allow us 

to turn your 3D CAD model into a fully functional prototype or production part using real engineered grade resins,

more consistently and affordably than any other rapid injection molding company.

It starts with our Advanced Mold Making System.

We have developed software to significantly increase the speed of the mold building process.

We can reduce a typical mold build time of 6-12 weeks to just a few days.

Once the mold is created in a matter of days,it goes through our Proprietary Process Engine; 

the driving force behind our injection molding process.

It carefully analyzes and guides our technicians to ensure optimal conditions to help create your 

consistent custom molded plastic parts.

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Your Quote

A 3D file is all you need to begin the process. Submit a file through our website, 

via email [email protected] or call us at 8618588927610.


injection molding

Our experienced sales engineers will quickly put together a comprehensive, 

interactive quote as well as a Manufacturability Analysis.

Modify quantities, materials, surface finishes and more to find the perfect combination for your project and your budget...

updated in real time. Anytime, anywhere.

Competitive pricing and our own advanced processes allows you, as a designer,

to quickly compare pricing to find the optimal choice for your manufacturing requirements.

Upon approval, your files are sent to our Mold Design department where we begin creating your tooling off 

of the exact dimensions of your part.

Years of experience has allowed us to refine our process and develop long-lasting,

precision tooling for the injection molding process ensuring you consistent manufacturing and high quality precision parts.

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Your Mold

Once your design is finalized it is sent to our precision CNC department where our 3, 4, & 5 - axis machines begin 

the milling process of your tool.

Using high quality aluminum blocks and our advanced machining process enables us to quickly and efficiently create 

your custom tooling. 

The mold is complete only when detailed inspections confirm that your tooling captures every last detail 

of your custom plastic parts.


Our Mold Making System is so advanced, we won't ask you to change your design. 

You can freely incorporate features into your part design that most mold makers simply cannot do.

We can reduce a typical 6-12 week build time to just a few days. 

We can deliver production ready parts faster and at less cost than anyone.

Also, we are the only mold maker who can provide you a Lifetime Mold Guarantee. 

We guarantee that we will supply unlimited part quantities for the life of your project. It's simple.

We build it, we run it and we supply parts.

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Your Part

When your tool is ready, we install it in one of our all-electric injection molding machines and 

your chosen material is loaded into the hopper. 

The Process Engine takes over by quickly analyzing key components within the injection molding 

process to ensure the most consistent and stress free production of your custom parts.

Our 55 to 400 ton electric machines use 80% less energy than hydraulic machines and allows 

for a more controllable plastic injection process. 

This enables us to manufacture your parts with more consistency and at the best possible price.

With our scientific approach to injection molding, our Proprietary Process Engine minimizes warping, 

size variations and cracking to deliver quality, consistent, stress-free parts everytime.

Injection molding service



Phone: 8618588927610       E-mail: [email protected]

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