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Engineering plastics with its light weight, low cost, easy to shape and more resistant to corrosion, good color, high surface roughness, and can be achieved without machining features such as being widely used to manufacture various parts of the pump such as impeller, vane, Volute and so on. Abroad in the garden watering, car washing, family water supply and fish ponds oxygen and other occasions, the large use of small plastic submersible plastic

Plastic materials according to the nature of the working medium, the performance of plastic materials to choose a comprehensive comparison of plastic materials, water absorption, product shrinkage, strength, corrosion resistance and price and other factors. Several commonly used plastic materials performance parameters in the table below.
On the general water pump, choose a better overall performance, low cost ABS or reinforced ABS plastic. Such as transporting corrosive media pump, you can choose fluorine plastic or other better performance of plastic materials. With the progress of science and technology in plastic industry, there are many plastic raw materials available for selection, such as PP material (glass fiber length 1mm) reinforced with long glass fiber and alloy plastic of GE Company.
Table plastic materials commonly used performance parameters Plastic Nominal Low pressure polyethylene Polypropylene Nylon 66 Glass fiber reinforced polyphenylene ether phenol 酲 Plastic density / water absorption Finished product shrinkage Expansion coefficient Tensile strength Hardness (Luo Luo) As the plastic material strength than the metal at least Lower by an order of magnitude, it is necessary to consider enhancements in the design of structural parts. Connection parts by force, but also consider metal inserts, bolted. As the plastic thermal conductivity is generally poor, from the motor cooling point of view, the use of the water set up better, this time, the water around the flow motor shell, from the cooling effect. This structure is relatively simple, the cooling effect is better. Stainless steel motor housing stretch pieces, both beautiful, light weight.

Good color, corrosion resistance and low water pollution. Plastic pump housing surface, which play a sealing effect. Rotation of the stirring shaft, due to the friction between the filler and the shaft gap, the working medium from the autoclave can be made into a variety of colors, people pleasing. As long as the selection of suitable materials, plastic pumps can also be used in the industrial and food and beverage industries.
Of course, the small plastic submersible pump made of engineering plastics also has its shortcomings: ① The strength of the plastic is low, so at present it can only do some submersible pumps with smaller power and lower lift. ② Due to the smaller thermal conductivity of plastic, is about 10 steel, thermal insulation is better, to submersible motor cooling difficulties. But this can be overcome by good structural design.


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